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For the love of all things ceramic, planters, garden art & homewares.

Mix and match

Mix and match

Everyone has their own unique style, whether they're an amateur or professional home decorator. We've amassed a fine collection of pieces to adorn your home and garden, but this category is all about saving a pretty penny while doing so! The more items you buy, the bigger the discount! Purchase 2 items from this section for 5% off; 3 items for 10% off; 4 items for 15% off; and 5+ for a whopping 20% off!

Whether you like ceramic or metal, rustic or classy, modern or traditional, you can find beautiful items here. Spread your favourite style around the house uniformly, or set yourself the challenge of using contrasting designs together. Instead of matching by design, you could group together some similarly-themed pieces. On the other hand, if you love the eclectic, you should mix to your heart’s content!

Animal-lovers will find lots of creatures here, from elephants to owls to koi fish! Mix and match animal figures, wall art and plant pots and fill your home with friendly creatures, all at a big discount! Accessorise a home with these stylish additions however you please. Dress a sideboard or mantelpiece with your very own menagerie, inject some personality into a flat space, or make often overlooked areas, like hallways and utility rooms, more inviting. The smaller-sized ceramics in this category, like our animal figures or cactus pots, look amazing when positioned on a shelf or desk. You could also drop them into your outdoor decor, be it a patio, porch or garden. Get extra creative by using smaller items to accent a larger centrepiece or motif.

These cute decor pieces are perfect for adorning a neglected space, building a tremendous collection, and as gifts for truly special occasions. If you feel like your home or garden needs some attention and appreciate a deal, this category is the best place to be!
Set the tone for your house while saving a bundle, thanks to our mix & match category!

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