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Animal ornaments are incredibly popular. You're sure to find common creatures like chickens, cats or cows in lots of shops – if that’s your fancy, check out our wider range of animal ornaments. However, our Australasian ornament collection is all about showcasing the animal figures unique to Down Under. They're wonderfully original so that you can create some spectacular, unique displays in your garden or outdoor spaces.

An excellent addition to any backyard or front lawn, arrange these marvellous creatures in a line, group them together or distribute them around larger areas. Alternatively, bring the wild straight into your home by placing our ornaments in the living room, eye-catching enhancements for your indoor decor. Larger items are incredibly effective as statement pieces in an entryway or porch, an amusing and novel way of inviting guests into the home. For anyone who appreciates the diverse wildlife native to the Australasian region, this category is more than a little tempting! If you're looking for some new, exciting decor ideas, take a while to browse through some of these iconic yet rarer home and garden animal figures.They're wonderful and eye-catching, perfect for showcasing your favourite creatures. Pop some added character into often overlooked spaces like hallways or porches.

For eccentric nature-lovers, animal ornaments work as brilliant gifts. Ornaments can have awesome influence on your indoor or outdoor decor, making basic areas more stimulating and reflective of your personality. Set a playful tone with delightful odd decorations that encapsulate the wonder of the natural world. Perfect for any Aussie or lover of Australasian wildlife, this category is full of unique creatures to brighten up any indoor or outdoor space.

Rustic realism or contemporary design, there’s something for everyone in the Australasian collection, the prime place to pick up a new pal for the home or garden today!

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