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Add a little buzz to your home and garden decor with our insect ornaments. The natural world is a popular theme for home and garden decoration, but this category of creative critters is perfect for bug-lovers looking for quirky enhancements to their living space. Though creepy-crawlies normally love being out in the garden, the items in our insect category look remarkable indoors, too! Showcase your favourite creature and add some character into any area. Our smaller ornaments will happily sit on a desk, table, bookshelf or windowsill. Meanwhile, our range of pot hangers are a fitting choice for housing small plants.

You can brighten up garden decor with insect figures, fun and ironic pieces for a lawn, patio or terrace. Our bright ornaments are truly eye-catching, perfect for contrasting neutral settings or standing out from your greenery. Mix and match insect ornaments with our planter categories for original ideas to have more fun with potted plants. Don't stop there, though! They also shine when placed on a countertop, in a cabinet of curiosities, a bedside table, or anywhere that would benefit from a little added personality. If there’s a special occasion coming up, this category is full of wonderful gifts - perfect for a friend or family member that admires the tiny creatures of the world.

Animal ornaments are perfect for decorating, collecting and gift-giving. This category may just become your go-to place whenever you feel like your home or garden needs some enhancement. No matter the style, insect figures bring a ton of fun to any space. There’s no limit to how you can accessorise a home with these stylish additions! Keep them in prized locations like the mantelpiece, or use them as a splash of colour in plain spaces, like a hallway or utility room.

Hatch a plan for a more attractive home and garden by fluttering around the insect category now!

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