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Ginger jars/Vases

Ginger Jars were historically used for storing and transporting spices in ancient China, over 2,000 years ago. Today, they're more commonly used as stunning display pieces in the home. In fitting with this tradition, our ginger pots are finished in royal blue and pure white, with intricate patterns that are sure to mesmerise guests.

Versatile and functional, our range of ginger vases exude elegance, while acting as a space to hide treasured possessions. An equally embellished lid keeps your trinkets safe while the star, cloud or floral prints make a powerful decorative statement within any space, whether taking the spotlight in the living room, or proudly positioned on a sideboard or mantel. For ambitious home decor projects, we've got complementary designs in our planter and ceramic categories, so you can mix & match. You could choose to spread a consistent, uniform design throughout the entire house and into the front lawn, or combine contrasting styles for a truly unique style.

The combination of neutral blue and white colours, together with delicate geometric patterning, is characteristic of traditional oriental design, a truly timeless style that seamlessly blends into any existing home decors. Place a ginger pot in the kitchen and use it to store cooking goods; in the dining room, it can work as part of a centrepiece, especially when you add some bright flowers; in the bedroom, you could store anything from knick-knacks to jewellery. There’s no limit to the applications of a ginger vase in the home.

With remarkable rounded shape and vibrant colouring, our ginger pot is the ultimate unique ornament. On the other hand, the striking squared form of the smaller ginger jars is a fresh, modern take on an ancient art. If there’s a special occasion coming up, either choice is an ideal gift. Unlike purely decorative ornaments, you can hide smaller presents inside a gifted ginger pot for a little extra surprise! Choose something from or ginger jar category today and spice up your indoor decor!

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