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For the love of all things ceramic, planters, garden art & homewares.


This category features some our more eye-catching decor pieces for when you're looking to make an especially intriguing statement in your home. Our ceramic hand figures come in various poses, so you can find something that conveys the message you want to send out. The crisp white gloss finish can work with any current style, but it’s especially striking in a minimalist settings. They're wonderful and eye-catching decor pieces, perfect for showcasing your favourite creatures in the living room or popping some extra personality around an entryway.

Of course, you can always mix & match these unique ornaments with other categories to create a truly individual collection. Our smaller animal-ornaments would look smashing on the shelf next to a book collection, or you could give each ornament a separate place to shine! As part of your indoor decor, you can't neglect ornaments. They bring a warmth and brightness to a room, a welcoming gesture to all guests. The feel of an environment is massively influenced by these decorative pieces, and rooms often feel incomplete they they lack these finishing touches. Dress a sideboard or mantelpiece, add some extra character to tables and furnishings, or use them as focal points in often overlooked areas, such as hallways or bathrooms. The choice is yours when accessorising your home with our Decor selection.

These funky pieces are neutral, meaning they're incredibly versatile and ideal gifts, especially for a housewarming or wedding. They're the adventurous, quirky choice when treating someone for a special occasion! With our decor range, you can easily make any space more lively and stimulating. We all know that homes are reflections of the personalities inside, so be sure to establish a playful classy tone with delightfully odd decorations like encapsulate the wonder of the natural world. Browse our full decor collection and help your home go from drab to fab!

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