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Blue Diamond Planter

$13.50 - $41.50

Make a lovely oasis for your plants or flowers with these Straight Planters - Diamond. Adorned with a timeless diamond-inspired pattern, these adorable little pots will make a great addition to any interior, patio or garden. Extra Large planter in photo not available for purchase.

  • Available in 3 sizes or you can purchase one of each size to make a set
  • Beautiful blue and white diamond pattern
  • Perfect for small to medium plants
  • Includes hole and saucer for proper drainage

Small - 11cm H x 12.5 cm W

Medium - 15.5cm H x 15.5cm W

Large - 18cm H x 20cm W

[description] Blue and white hues and a geometric diamond pattern pair so well on these ceramic plant holders. Available in three different sizes, these pots are ready to hold virtually any small plant, flowers or herbs of your choice. Each pot comes with a hole at the bottom and a little saucer to catch excess water. 
12.50 (cm)
11.00 (cm)
12.50 (cm)