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Butterfly Bell Chime


With its soothing pastel tones and retro charm, this Butterfly Bell Chime will beautify your space both visually and acoustically. A symbol of hope and new beginnings, butterfly-inspired art is the perfect gift for a housewarming party or a special occasion.

  • Rustic butterfly bell chime with 4 chimes
  • Hand painted and hand finished with a teal butterfly detail
  • Overall dimensions are 93(H) x 12(W) x 12(D) cm with chain
  • Perfect for a covered porch, patio, balcony or garden

Bring relaxing colours and sounds to your outdoors with this elegant Butterfly Bell Chime. Measuring 93(H) by 12(W) cm overall, it features a teal butterfly at the top, four acoustic chimes and a flower-shaped little bell. This retro piece is a great addition to your wind chime collection and perfect for any birthday party or butterfly-themed event.