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Garden stakes

For a gorgeous garden makeover, it couldn't be simpler than finding your favourite pieces in our range of artisanal and easy-to-set-up decorative garden stakes. We have  ornaments for all sorts of outdoor decor styles, from the essential to the extravagant! Add whimsical charm to planters, beds and lawns with a decorative stake, or bring extra brightness to garden pot plants with our selection of pot hangers.

Guests will delight at your unique displays, bringing a new dimension to any backyard or garden. During the winter months, our floral designs help preserve the vibrancy of your vegetation. Perfect for any sized garden or outdoor space, our garden stakes and pot hangers are truly hassle-free visual decorations that’ll ensure your outdoor space is inviting all year round.

Discover our range of gorgeous pot hangers and garden stakes

If you are looking for ornamental metal stakes to create beautiful displays in your backyard, then look no further than our range of garden stakes for sale online. Our Fairy Garden Stakes display delicate fairies in varied poses — holding birds or trying to catch colourful butterflies with a net. The laser-cut figurines and the addition of colourful details make for a fascinating garden stake that is bound to bring in many compliments. The thoughtful pot hangers and various garden stakes for sale on our site are just as charming. Browse our entire collection to find your favourite ornamental stake.

Attractive and versatile outdoor garden stakes

There’s no telling what magic may spring up with our decorative pieces. Embellish your lawns with a few pleasantly peculiar characters, which are sure to bring cheer to your greenery. When placed near trees or flowers, they tell a story and provide a warm and welcoming scene for neighbours and guests alike. Ornamental garden stakes infuse personality to your outside areas and add movement to your landscape as they twinkle in the sunlight and cast their playful silhouettes on the ground or nearby walls.

You can also use decorative garden stakes to help distinguish boundaries, creating aesthetic edges to pathways and giving them a natural flow. These imaginative figures can also adorn your shrubbery while protecting prized plants or helping to prevent them from leaning as they grow.

Using pot hangers and garden stakes in imaginative ways

For the exceptionally creative, there are plenty of different indoor applications for garden stakes. You could liven up a large potted plant, craft entirely unique decorations, or adapt them for an artistic display.

Children are sure to love the addition of exciting creatures in their gardens and homes — making decorative garden stakes a great way to encourage your children to spend some time outdoors or help with caring for the potted plants. There’s an array of designs to choose from on our site, with a range of lovely animals and even some magical creatures too!

Shop for pot hangers and garden stakes online today

With such a gorgeous collection of decorative hangers and garden stakes for sale on our website, it will be hard to stop at one. And why should you? Investing in these durable outdoor decorations is money well spent, considering the lively transformation they will bring wherever you choose to display them. Browse our curated collection of indoor and outdoor ornaments today and watch how animated your garden will become in no time at all.

We’ve taken great care to select only the most beautiful items, sourced from manufacturers around the world.   Suppliers are chosen based on their designs and product quality.  In some overseas locations this also includes validating their business maintains acceptable working conditions.  This ensures every item of gardenware you select has been created with care by artisans who take pride in their work.  Place your order today and let the magical transformation begin.

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