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Heart-Shaped Leaf Windspinner


This large Bronze Heart-Shaped Leaf Windspinner is a dazzling piece for outdoor gardens. With a gorgeous array of leaves coming out from the centre, this piece will be a stand-out in any outside area.

  • Heart-shaped leaf design
  • Not suitable for high winds and needs rust protection
  • Keep the moving parts in good condition by spraying regularly with WD-40 or similar
  • Easy to set up then simply insert metal stake into the ground to secure

180cm H x 60cm W x 24cm D


Easy to set up then simply install by inserting the metal stake into the ground and the wind does the hard work! Watch as the two sets of blades spin and the bronzed metal delicately catches the light. This wind spinner is a statement piece that also gently complements the greenery of plants and grass.  Must be sprayed with weather resistant protective coating if it lives outside!