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Leaves Windspinner



If you're looking for a dynamic yet tasteful eye-catcher for your front yard, the Leaves Windspinner absolutely fits the bill. This horizontal wind spinner features three levels of antique green leaves that will look incredibly relaxing twirling in your garden or back yard.

  • Relaxing horizontal wind spinner
  • Three levels of antique green leaves
  • Fantastic height at 218cm
  • Not suitable for high winds

63cm W x 45cm L x 218cm H

[description] Towering at 218cm in height, the Leaves Windspinner is a real head-turner that will look fantastic in a wide variety of outdoor settings. In the breeze, this spinner will bring a playful accent to your patio, garden or yard. Spray the moving parts regularly with WD-40 or similar products for a better spin and maximum longevity.