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Marble Egg Pot

$18.95 - $32.50

This Marble Egg plant pot embodies the perfect blend of contemporary style and classic elegance. At 14/15/17cm in diameter, it will neatly fit up to 100/125mm pots to hold a variety of common house plants or flowers.

  • Round shaped plant pot
  • Glossy marble style finish with distinct rim
  • Hole at the bottom for easy drainage
  • Available in S, M and L sizes

Small: 12.5cm H x 14cm W

Medium: 14.5cm H x 15cm W

Large: 16cm H x17cm W

[description] Round-shaped with a lovely marble-style exterior, this generous pot makes a perfect home for a plant to thrive in. Each pot features a drainage hole to allow excess water to seep out after watering. Pair it with flowers or a leafy green plant for a striking contrast.