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Peacock Windspinner


Bringing a lovely splash of colour and charm, the Peacock Wind Spinner feels like another living creature in the garden. Insert it into any soil or grass to add some fun to your yard or garden decor.

  • Brightly coloured peacock inspired wind spinner
  • Stunning design with red, blue, yellow and turquoise feathers
  • Spray moving parts with WD-40 or similar regularly for best performance
  • Not suitable for high winds

185cm H x 61cm W x 21cm D

[description] This peacock-inspired wind spinner is a statement piece rich in colour and character, lending vibrant colour and movement to the yard. Its unique design features bright yellow, red, blue and turquoise feathers that look absolutely stunning even when not in motion. To keep the spinner nice and rust free for as long as possible, please spray the moving parts regularly with WD-40 or similar products.