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Colouring Book Floral Planter

$13.50 - $39.95

This Colouring Book Floral Planter looks uniquely reminiscent of your favourite childhood colouring books. Colour it with flowers, succulents or herbs for a stunning piece of decor that will bring any interior space to life.

  • Set of 4 black and white straight ceramic planters
  • Adorned with an intricate floral pattern
  • Matching saucers for hassle-free drainage
  • Great for flowers, kitchen herbs or small to medium house plants

This Colouring Book Floral Planter combines an elegant black and white colour scheme with a playful floral pattern. The set features 3 pots of different sizes with their own matching saucers. A stylish home for any house plant, they make the vibrant colours of your favourite flowers really pop.