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For the love of all things ceramic, planters, garden art & homewares.



If you're looking for the perfect homes for your plants, then you've come to the right online shop for planters. Featuring a wide variety of plant pots for sale, we have everything you need to help you decide which pot is best for your indoor and outdoor plants – it’s heaven for all nature lovers who want to bring a touch of greenery into their home or spruce up some of their outdoor plants.

Our collection of
planters has something for every plant fanatic. Filled with unique pieces which are all designed to provide ample space for small to large plants, these pots stand out with their eye-catching styles that double as décor pieces for your home. There are hanging plant pots for entryways, porches or garden poles, as well as medium-sized pots that will look perfect in your living room corner or on display shelves. For those who want to add some nature to small spaces around their house, there are also mini pots available for propping on bedside tables or desks.

Our entire
Planters range showcases versatility not just in sizes but also in designs. Whether you are after a rustic, minimalist, elegant or quirky look, our Planters range offers an array of choices to suit your taste. These plant pots make a beautiful décor option for homes, offices and events, and are an easy way to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. These planters are also a thoughtful gift idea for loved ones.

Check out some of our gorgeous pieces, such as the Princess Face Vases, which features eccentric painted facial expressions with tribal-patterned bases. There are plenty of
plant pots designed with quirky faces or animal shapes, as well as textured options such as the White Circle Pot. For those who like simple and discreet designs, we also have a range of pristine white plant pots.

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