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Contemporary planters

We've been looking after our little, green friends for thousands of years, but homeowners and plant-lovers can now bring that ancient discipline straight into the most modern of realms, thanks to our contemporary planters category. Featuring clean edges and minimalist designs, many of our fashionable designs allow the plant-purists among us to shift focus on the greenery itself. Whether you need a planter for inside in the living room or out in the garden, opting for a charmingly simple style is a more subtle, elegant complement to your flora.

You could also try the opposite approach, with modern, eye-catching displays that make a bold impression on anyone visiting. We've created a versatile, dynamic range so that you have the freedom to find your perfect match, whether you're looking for a plant display that gracefully integrates into the decor you already have, or a more daring pattern, print or finish that lets you spice things up a little!

A number of our contemporary planters come in multiple sizes, meaning you can spread your favourite style uniformly throughout the home. You can take advantage of our convenient sizing options to find the perfect fit for each and every succulent, creeper, climber, flower, shrub or large plant in your collection. All of our indoor and outdoor pots have good drainage to keep leaves, roots and stems happy. There’s lots to consider when picking out your prime pots and perfect planters, which is why we've got an array of textures, patterns and colours.

No matter what plants you're working with, our contemporary planters range is all about creating a sophisticated, calming space. We don't mind whether you love low-impact design or dramatic, dazzling displays because we've got you covered either way! Build your private eco-sanctuary, a real botanist’s haven, with peaceful vibes that soothe body and mind.

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