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Mini planters

Plants add a fresh touch to any setting, no matter how big or small. They're perfect for adding to small spaces as well, made easy with our mini planter category. Keep a petaled pal on your bedside table for an instant relaxing vibes. Pop your micro-plants on windowsills, shelves, tables – anywhere you can think of – and you'll soon feel the calming effect that nature has in a home. Mini planters are the perfect way to express oneself, which is why we've got a myriad of quirky styles, whether you’d love animal-themed hanging pots, face planters, or a rustic metal design.

One of the biggest advantages with mini planters is their versatility. You can put them anywhere and easily move them around for a dynamic space that can adapt to your evolving home decor ideas. Your little plants are sure to look even more adorable housed in our cute mini animal planters, adding a bright personality to your already dashing greenery. Those who prefer standard-shaped planters are still able to choose from a selection of wonderful designs, and even our sets of multiple planters. You could even add your favourite floral designs to your home with our floral patterned planters.

When it comes to mini planters, there’s no wrong answer on where to put them. With just a handful of little plants, you can get some serious tranquillity, a haven for nature-lovers. They are a great way to decorate shelves, tables and kitchen countertops. You really are free to customise your space however you like!

Form a delightfully charming planter set by mixing and matching from the mini planter category, so that no space is left without some warm, bright greenery. Every plant is special and unique, but nothing highlights that fact quite like an adorable mini planter. Browse the mini planter collection to find the next delightful addition to your home or garden today!

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