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Novelty planters

Home and garden design enthusiasts know much character pots and petals can have, but our novelty planters can totally change the impression that greenery makes on us. Lift your mood with something charming and quirky, or get on board with our simple and sophisticated options.

We know the eco-minded love animals too, so we've got an impressive range of novelty animal styles. They are a little eccentric elegance for any room of the house, or a playful addition to outdoor spaces like patios and porches. we've even got animal-shaped hanging planters, including foxes, pandas and cows, for smaller succulents that love being up high! Across the entire gardenware range, we've got all sorts: plain white plant pots, minimalist designs, traditional patterns and bold, exciting designs. However, our novelty planter category is all about having fun with your greenery, plant displays that are sure to grab the attention of guests and put smiles on faces.

Speaking of faces, we've got some seriously cute options that will give your flora some emotion and a human feel. These face planters are a fast-track to delightfully odd and original home decor. Whichever direction you go in, a novelty planter can really spruce up a shelf or windowsill, adding a lively element to a space. You can express your style in truly exciting fashion, transforming your plants into adorable personalities scattered around the home. Mix and match a range of different faces and add some fun into every room into your house. Our face planters are also an excellent gift for kids or the quirky friend in your life.

For those that don't take themselves too seriously, or love the idea of having friendly faces and adventurous animals from room to room, have a look through our novelty planter collection to find a design that you adore!

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