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For the love of all things ceramic, planters, garden art & homewares.

Outdoor planters

Marvelling homeowners and plant lovers alike, our outdoor planter category features pots and planters of all shapes, designs and sizes. Look after your greenery as it takes care of you, creating a tranquil retreat that looks fantastic and soothes the soul.

There’s truly unique style planters, for when you want to create striking displays of greenery out on the patio, deck or verandah. Alternatively, keep it simple and sleek with a minimalist design. Many of our outdoor planters work great indoors as well. Choose a uniform design to make a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor plant displays, or mix and match to create two contrasting areas that shine in their own ways. Small shrubs, large flowering plants, succulents, creepers, climbers – you name it, we've got the perfect home for them!

If you're looking to keep your plant pots uniform in design, we offer planter sets in multiple sizes as well. Not only does this mean you can use the same designs inside and out, but give any sized plant the ideal space to grow and blossom. Our planter categories are a haven for anyone wanting to complement the greenery in their lives with some remarkable decor. Don't be surprised if you're browsing for a while, as we've got plain white pots, quirky styles, patterned and textured vases, and entire planter sets for the most ambitious of gardeners! Liven up an entryway, porch or driveway, or take any one of our gorgeous gardenware indoors, whether in the living room corner or a windowsill. As your plants are busy keeping the air pure and fresh, you can take pleasure from eye-catching displays.

Whatever space you're working with, no matter how big or small, it is easily made the perfect spot for nature-lovers with one of our pots and planters. Whatever you're imagining, we've got the impressive selection of colours, patterns and prints to suit your style. Matching saucers? Yes! Small and large plants? You bet! Succulents and air plants? Absolutely! Make use of traditional, bold designs, or go modern with our more minimalist planters. Our diverse range will surely match your existing home decor, or help you go in a new, exciting direction. Gift your potted plants the flair they deserve by finding the perfect match today!

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