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Traditional blue and white planters

Reminiscent of the finest of hand-painted porcelain, these traditional blue and white planters offer extreme elegance. Influenced by the rich history of an ancient practice, these decorative, chinoiserie patterns are refined and regal. It’s royalty that your succulents, shrubs, herbs, creepers, climbers, shrubs, and larger plants will really appreciate, as well as any guests you may have!

In keeping with the style, all of the planters in this category come with saucers, which makes plant maintenance a breeze! It will also protect your precious surfaces, whether a wooden table, tile flooring or kitchen bench. Our designs span from geometric patterns to floral arrangements. We even have a few red and tangerine sets for variety. You're always free to mix and match, of course! This category is full of complementary planters that work amazingly well together within a single area. You've got even more choice with some of our planters which are supplied in a selection of sizes. You can carry traditional blue and white throughout your indoor spaces, outdoor patios and balconies and your garden as well.

Nestle pots together or space them out around the room. Either way, you can be sure you've chosen planters sizes perfectly accommodate each member of your collection. It’s a timeless, classic design combined with ultimate versatility! These traditional blue and white planters elevate any space into a sanctuary of greenery. They are refined and sophisticated, pairing beautifully with a whole host of existing home decors.

Look after your potted or outdoor plants by giving them a stunning flowerpot to shine from. Whether placed on the kitchen windowsill or out on the patio, this category is the perfect match for those that appreciate antique arrangements that effortlessly uplift your decor.

Get started on a classy plant display now by looking through our prime selection of blue and white planters!

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