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Sets of pots

When it comes to plants in the home or garden, it really is the more, the merrier! Our pot sets are ideal for perfectionists who feel all warm inside when everything matches. There’s a large selection of patterns, textures, colours and styles, so you'll definitely be able to find an amazing house for your prized flora! A big advantage of our pot and planter set category is that you can conveniently find pots in multiple sizes. Most include small, medium and large options, with some sets even having even more variety. Of course, you could also mix & match for a plant display of varied designs in uniform sizes.

House your indoor plants in pristine white plant pots for a minimalist look, or use them to add some serious flair to your home decor. Line them side by side or display them in different parts of your home. If you're after some advice, our larger pots look especially great in living and dining rooms, while the smaller choices are perfect for desks, shelves and window sills.

All of our pots and planters are designed with good drainage, but some come with matching saucers for effortless plant maintenance. You'll have no problem looking after your greenery, as it takes care of freshening and embellishing any room of the house. However you like to showcase your succulents, cactuses, creepers and climbers, we've got the right pot set for you! For those who are after a traditional design, we have a range of pots which imitate the ancient craft of stunning blue-white porcelain.

Fancy a more contemporary style? Pick out a textured pot in a bright colour. Even if your style lands somewhere in the middle, we've got pot and planter sets with classic shapes and modern patterns. Indoor and outdoor plants are made to look elegant with one of our pot sets, whether you love deep, rich shades or a familiar homeliness of a cream or white pot.

Elevate the image of your potted plants today, however large or small, with our pot set category, keeping leaves and stems comfy and homes looking great!

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