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Cherry Blossom Planters

$13.50 - $39.95

A symbol of spring, perfection and the preciousness of life, the beautiful cherry blossoms inspired these ceramic Cherry Blossom Planters. Plant them around the house or together in your favourite room to serve as a positive reminder to slow down, relax and enjoy the present moment.

  • Set of 4 straight ceramic planters with matching saucers
  • Sleek white with embossed blue cherry blossom pattern
  • Sizes range from 13 to 25 cm in diameter
  • Perfect for displaying flowers and small to medium plants

If you like plants, flowers and blue and white ceramics, you're going to love these Cherry Blossom Planters. Each planter features a light blue embossed cherry blossom pattern that looks stunning when paired with a rich green plant. The set includes 3 planters from 13 to 20 mm in diameter, each fitted with a little saucer to protect your surfaces from spills and scratches.