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Butterflies and Bees

Nature is full of intricate patterns and wild designs, and this winged wall art category holds some of the most elegant examples. Featuring a range of wonderful creatures, you'll definitely find a friend to spruce up plain walls here in our Butterflies and Dragonflies category. Aside from the use of a few framed paintings, wall design is an often overlooked part of home and garden decor. These metal wall sculptures are perfect for acting as natural focal points in larger outdoor spaces. However, they work just as well as additions to a living room, especially for complementing your existing features.

When taking wall art indoors, you've got total control of how it’s used with the backdrop you already have. Mix & match with our ornaments in other categories to create striking scenes that truly express your unique style and personality. The Butterflies and Dragonflies section is a haven for nature-lovers. Whatever space you're working with, it’s easily turned into a tranquil retreat with some well-positioned wall decor. Decorative pieces are a key element of home design. A feature wall can make a space really pop! This category contains various styles, so you needn't worry about finding a good fit.

Our cut-out metal styles are low-impact, sophisticated accompaniments for any space. For a more eye-catching approach choose a colourful option to make a bold, lasting impression on guests. Wall art brings a sense of texture to a 2D background, bringing walls to life and making for playful, engaging gardens. It’s the finishing element that ties everything together and crowns a room, turning your house into a home. The pieces in this category are especially great for decorating kids bedrooms or play areas, as well as outdoor entertainment spaces.

Flutter around this category and see your home and garden design really take off!

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