Our Favourite Dream Pot On girl.com.au!

Look at our favourite Dream pot on www.girl.com.au! We love this pot! She comes in both white and blush and is equally as gorgeous in either colour (or both...!)

This adorable half-egg shaped glazed planter with ceramic legs is a crowd favourite from Aussie-owned home and gardenware aficionados Sill & Sage.

Designed with textured diagonal grooves all over, the Dream Pot with Legs comes in blush or cream pastel colours and is ideal for those looking for a charming, minimalistic decor piece. Just pop in a nursery grow pot with your favourite plant for a stunning plant-fix!

At just 14cm high and 13.5cm wide, the Dream Pot with Legs makes for a gorgeous addition to a work desk, window sill or bedside table.

Available from https://sillandsage.com.au/dream-pot-with-legs/

Price - $23.50

Dimensions - 14cm H x 13.5cm W

Sill & Sage Dream Pot with Legs adds colour and style to your space.